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art piece focusing on abstract tetured art using red, black and grey as  a tonal illustati


Bee Hotels 

This fabulous project, in collaboration with Compton Verney Gallery, offered a day of creative workshops to young carers. Children of all ages experienced a delightful escape from their daily routines, engaging in creative painting bee hotels workshop at Compton Verney studios.  The hotels echoed the Morag Myerscough instillation summer 2023


Flags of Hope 

Commissioned by WDC, I worked with students from Warwick, Leamington, and Kenilworth to create 300 flags reflecting their COVID-19 experiences. This project focused on mental health and open communication. Through workshops, children painted flags that have been displayed throughout the district, allowing the public to enjoy their beauty.


Ukrainian Art Exhibition 

Working with 55 local Ukrainian youth and women, we received funding to create an art collection celebrating "HOME." Through workshops, each participant produced unique artworks. The exhibition will be part of Migrant Week celebrations 2024.

ukrain logo.jpg

Hattie, Trilby and Wilhelmina 

Last year, I collaborated with Milverton Primary School students to create these stunning elephants. new coats. The children, inspired by their studies on patterns and the power of colour, brought vibrant new life to these beautiful girls.


Milverton Primary school murals

For my latest commission at MPS, I created an abstract sunrise painting in the foyer to celebrate the children's journey through this wonderful school. This vibrant piece brings color and joy to the entrance, marking each new day with a burst of inspiration.

mural milverton.jpeg

Lets Create 

"Let's Create" is a collaborative project with Broadweavers, Myton Hospice, and Coventry University, focusing on sustainable fashion and upcycling. Involving 180 Coventry students, the program educates on the harmful effects of fast fashion and the importance of reusing and recycling discarded fabrics to create art.

blue girl LETS CREATE.jpg
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